1 out of every 2 patients treated due to Kovid have long-term health problems

One out of every two hospitalized patients due to severe COVID-19 has other health complications. This has been revealed in a detailed new research by Liverpool University, UK. For research, data of more than 70 thousand patients treated due to Kovid-19 in more than 300 hospitals in Britain was collected.

1 out of every 2 patients treated for Kovid-19 has complications

The researchers said that their results suggest that patients with Kovid-19 have short and long-term health effects. The research found that the most common health complications were kidney and lung problems, but problems related to the brain and heart and blood vessels were also reported extensively. The rate of complications was common among young people who were previously healthy. According to the report, the percentage of patients aged 19-29 years was 27 percent, 30-39 years of age was 37 percent, who suffered at least one complication after being treated in the hospital from Kovid-19.

Revealed in research on data of more than 70 thousand patients

The research results have been published in the Lancet medical journal. Researchers said that policy-makers need to make long-term plans for those recovering from Kovid-19. He said that the results are contrary to the current view that Kovid-19 is dangerous only for those who have a marked disease or are elderly. The severity of illness at the time of hospital admission is also an indicator of complications in adults, so prevention of complications should be the primary strategy, ie through vaccination.

The data showed that complications were more common in men than women and slightly more common in black patients than in whites. About one in every 3 or 27 percent of patients were found to be less able to care for themselves after discharge from the hospital, regardless of age, gender or race. The researchers reported that the complications recorded in the research were different from those of ‘long covid’, where victims suffer symptoms associated with Kovid-19 for weeks or months after infection. According to the researchers, focusing solely on the intricacies of Kovid-19 on death may not predict its true impact, especially in younger people who are more likely to survive severe Kovid-19.

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