10 tips to fight back pain

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – You never really get used to it, but too often you end up putting up with it like an old companion. However, a few precautions and new habits can keep back pain at bay.

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1 Good nutrition for the back

At one time, milk was touted as a sovereign remedy for osteoarthritis. Then lactose became the enemy to be eliminated. Omega 3 then held the rope, but they no longer have the right to claim an anti-osteoarthritis effect without evidence. There remains turmeric, which we use in all sauces … The only nutrition that has proven itself for the back is the light and balanced diet that allows you to lose weight. A few pounds less relieve back pain and joints. The secretion of inflammatory molecules linked to overweight decreases and, with it, the progression of osteoarthritis.

2 Adopt the physiotherapy ball

The PAP is serious. The prolonged sitting position, the posture most adopted today in the office, in transport and in front of the TV, keeps us seven to ten hours a day in a posture that is not very physiological. It forces the back to flatten its curvatures in “S”, which damages the discs but also softens

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