12 years old relationship of Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique broke, statement released

Recently, Colombian pop star Shakira was in discussion about breaking up with her partner Gerard Pique. Now both have confirmed that both are separating. Shakira was in a relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique for the last 12 years. Now both of them have confirmed their separation by issuing a statement on Saturday.

Shakira’s team issued a statement
Shakira and Pic’s statement said, ‘We apologize for saying that we are separating. This decision has been taken keeping in mind our children who are our first priority. We want you to respect our privacy. Thank you all for understanding all this.
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Couple has 2 children
Singing star Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique met in 2010. Then the Football World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’ was not only sung by Shakira but also danced in its video. Shakira and Pic have 2 children, Sasha and Milan. Let us tell you that the news of the separation of Shakira and Pic had been in the headlines for a long time.


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