15 Fatigue Myths and Anecdotes

DECRYPTION – There are good and bad fatigues, bar strokes and blows of bamboo, exhaustion – and the ideas that we have… Main complaint to the doctor, fatigue is a companion with many faces.

This article is from Figaro Health “Fatigue can be cured!”.

Le Figaro

1. Holidays are relaxing!

They free prisoners from work, but vacations don’t always mean rest. According to a 2018 Figaro Odoxa survey, only 43% of working people say they are rested after returning from vacation. Too many activities, not enough hammocks? Too many traffic jams and people everywhere? Children who always … well, needs children? At the end of the day, vacations do not always reduce stress on the body and mind. This can be explained: the holidays promote a certain confusion between letting go and letting go, for everything related to sleep, exercise, food without forgetting the many aperitifs. However, without a healthy lifestyle, physical and mental recovery is compromised, and fatigue quickly resurfaces.

2. A vitamin C and fatigue flies away

Because it plays a key role in immune defense and in the fight against anemia, vitamin C makes

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