2 CV, Ladybug, 4L, Panda… Old junkies make you dream again

Sacred James Bond! In 1981, in “Just for your eyes”, he sows his pursuers in 2 CV. A fine feat, rather far from the specifications of the Citroën launched in 1948: “Transport two cultivators in hoofs, 50 kg of potatoes or a keg” while ensuring that “Egg baskets must arrive intact”. In the cinema, the list is long of the impossible missions of the Deudeuche: to take the full brunt of a Bentley (“the Corniaud”), to drive like hell with a nun at the wheel (“the Gendarme in Saint-Tropez”) … real life as on social networks, the 2 CV is far from being off the road.

Caroline and Laurent rent a house on the Ile d’Yeu every summer, whose friendly owner leaves her old car available. “With the children, the picnic and the towels, we are often lazy to go to the beach by bike. And then, we always have the headwind, even on the way back! Caroline laughs. Then the 2 CV is a very appreciated luxury.

La Deudeuche, a luxury? And yes, the modest car has changed occupants. Vacationers and tourists have replaced peasants and the older generations of French people. Today, if passengers wear clogs – very trendy this year – it is not to go and milk the cows.

5.1 million 2 CV and its derivatives were sold from 1948 to 1990. Some of these cars are still running… (MARTYN GODDARD / CORBIS / GETTY IMAGES)

According to the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE)

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