20 Years of Tum Bin: Jagjit Singh kept ‘wandering’ in himself for 10 days, then recorded ‘no complaint…’

‘This is what I feel after every meeting, I am asking something like your eyes are asking…’ Koi complaint is tere dil mein dabi ho jaise…’ Anubhav Sinha’s musical hit film ‘Tum Bin’ (Tum Bin) released on 13 July 2001. Bin) has completed 20 years. It is interesting that two decades later, the songs of this film are still in the mind of every music lover. Especially ‘Koi Fariad…’ sung by Jagjit Singh, music was given by the evergreen duo of Nikhil-Vinay in this film. All the songs of the film, be it ‘Chhoti Choti Raatin…’ or ‘Tumhare Siwa…’ were super hits. Now on the completion of 20 years, Nikhil Kamat has shared many interesting memories related to this film with us. One of the most interesting things is that Jagjit Singh sang the song ‘Koi Fariad’ in five-six different styles.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, ‘Tum Bin’ featured Sandali Sinha, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Vashishth in lead roles. The special thing is that with this film, all these actors started their career in Bollywood and gave birth. Nikhil Kamat says that when Jagjit Singh sang ‘Koi Fariyad’ for the first time, everyone was satisfied. But he himself was ‘wandering’ about this song. He himself used to come and say that let’s do that song once again.

Songs made in flow like water
According to Nikhil Kamat, ‘At that time we were doing continuous hit albums with T-Series. Then one night during dinner, Bhushan Kumar said that I am making a film with this team. Actually, Anubhav Sinha used to jokingly say that you will not do anything for me, I will just remain a video editor, so suddenly he said that we will make this film, Tum Bin. Director Anubhav Sinha, Music composer Nikhil-Vinay, Lyricist Faiz Anwar. Anubhav Sinha sang a one liner right there and we had a few songs in stock, which fit the story, so you won’t believe, Choti Choti Raatan… Aur Tumhare Siwa…, these two songs were final on the same night. Have become. Later we used to work on the rest of the songs one by one. To be honest, at that time work was done with such love and trust, so such miracles used to happen.

Jagjit Singh himself sang ‘Koi Priyaad’ many times
The song ‘Koi Fariad’ sung by Jagjit Singh in the film became the love anthem of that era. Nikhil says, ‘We wanted a mature song, because the love story had become very serious, so it was decided to take a ghazal. Then, it was decided to lose Jagjit Singh as he was the only person who could do justice to that song. We sang the song to Jagjit ji, he liked it very much. It was a film of youngsters, so the sound was kept new. Did some fusion music. Jagjit ji himself came to the studio several times and dubbed this song. We were satisfied in the beginning, but he himself used to come that let’s do that song once again. So we had five-six antras, of Jagjit Singh, on different days, in different moods, so it took ten days to edit which antara to take or which not to take. Then, when it came to the title track Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise…, the name of Chitra ji (KS Chitra) came to my mind because I thought that Sandali Sinha’s voice resembled that of Chitra ji. Chitra ji sang wonderfully. When we reached Chennai, he said that you guys come for a little walk, I am rehearsing now. We traveled all over Chennai and came back, then he sang the song in one take.

Nikhil-Vinay pair will come together again
The pair of Nikhil-Vinay, who gave Bollywood hit songs from films like ‘Bewafa Sanam’, ‘Tum Bin’, ‘Aapko Pele Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai’, broke up in 2006, after which their songs were reduced. Nikhil says about this, ‘As far as I felt Vinay (Tiwari) was not very happy with the atmosphere of Bollywood. They wanted to go to London and work, so we had to part ways. We have no such quarrel. Me and Vinay are in constant touch and maybe we will work together in the future. Right now I am constantly working with many international artists through YouTube, but Vinay and I will also work together again soon.


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