28 million billion operations per second!

I learned that the CNRS Jean-Zay supercomputer can now perform 28 million billion operations per second, a performance that allows it to join the Top 10 of the most powerful machines in the world. At the same time, I learn that six hundred research projects in astrophysics, climatology and molecular biology have already used its capacities. Congratulations. Without wanting to command anything from anyone, I wonder, though, if it might not be appropriate to use these miraculous 28 million billion operations per second, in addition to astrophysics, climatology and of biology, to the eradication of religious fanaticism and anti-Semitism, as well as to the rejection of all pressure and censorship of religious origin in schools.

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I allow myself all the more to suggest it since this CNRS supercomputer bears the name of Jean Zay, Minister of Education and Fine Arts under the Popular Front, one of whose directives said precisely this: “Public education is secular. No form of proselytizing can be allowed in the establishments ”. Victim of a violent anti-Semitic campaign in 1940, Jean Zay was thrown in prison by Vichy. Before being assassinated by the Militia on June 20, 1944. For having taught the freedom to criticize, Samuel Paty was assassinated by Islamist fanaticism. The reserves of hatred and intolerance, I fear, are incalculable.


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