5 lessons required for mental health that Kovid-19 taught us

The coronavirus epidemic has taught us that we need to make sustained efforts to maintain our mental health. The last seven months have provided us with some valuable lessons to help us do this.

There is no doubt that it has been a difficult year for all. In our life and lifestyle There has been a big change all of a sudden. Which has a psychological and emotional impact on us all jointly.

although, A good thing is that a growing number of people are talking about mental health awareness. More emphasis is being laid on building a life where protecting one’s mental health is a priority.

We have learned five very valuable lessons related to mental health due to this epidemic, Which we should follow –

1.Talk to people

It is common to find yourself isolated at this time. That sounds like an easy thing, But meet with the trusted people around you and talk to them. It will comfort you. Healthy conversations will help your mental health in the long run.

2.Get enough sleep

Before we get caught in the maze of epidemic, Our sleep pattern is also disturbed due to our chaotic lifestyle. While not getting enough sleep actually affects our mood and can make us irritable. Studies of countless scientists have shown that at least at night 7.5 From 8 Taking of hours is very important for you.

3.Take a break

We are constantly working hard to increase productivity in our work and life. But the truth is,Overworking has a negative effect on your mental health. Hence, Whenever you feel the need to brake, So definitely take a break.

4.Meditation can help you

Mindfulness, Techniques such as visualization and breathing exercises can help you overcome the noise of the outside world. Even if you do this every day just 20 Let’s do for minutes,So it will definitely relax you. Regular practice will improve focus and patience, Which will establish peace in the mind. Try the Mindhouse App to get started!

5.Choose a new hobby

We have seen all our friends and family become social media chefs during the lockdown. Why don’t you try something similarThe to cook, Start a new hobby from playing instruments to drawing or dancing. This can help maintain your mental health even in your busy life.



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