5 questions to ask yourself to prepare for the after-heat engine

1. The heat engine soon to be outlawed?

It is a revolution (for the automobile) that the European Commission announced on July 14th. By 2035, she no longer wants to hear an engine purring under the hood of a new car. A measure included in a Green New Deal, a “green pact”, which brings together a set of decisions aimed at combating global warming as well as encouraging sustainable and inclusive growth. The fateful date of 2035 marks an acceleration compared to the timing set by France within the framework of the mobility orientation law. Remember that this left five more years to manufacturers, and provided for exemptions for alternative fuels. Faster and stronger, this is the message sent by Europe, even if it is necessary to put into perspective what is only a proposal, subject to discussions and negotiations for a year. Difficult, therefore, to say today what will come out of it very concretely at the end … Nevertheless, it is the meaning of the story.

If the European proposal is accepted as is, no manufacturer will be able to sell a thermal engine on January 1, 2035. This would also include hybrid and plug-in hybrid models which are now enjoying increasing success thanks to their tax appeal combined with a versatility of use significantly greater than that of an electric. But the classic hybrid is not considered to be sufficiently efficient and the

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