5G: villages soon to be deprived of internet due to the deployment of new technology

Patrick lives in a small hamlet in Burgundy. He had had the Internet satisfactorily for a few years. But he learned 10 days ago that his sector was going to become a white zone again due to the deployment of 5G. “Everyone in the village received the same letter, two or three days apart, with the same announcement of the Internet shutdown at the end of December.”

To install 5G, operators are changing the technology and using the frequency of the radio system developed so far by local communities to bring the Internet to the countryside. Nearly 4,000 homes in around 40 departments will thus find themselves outside the network, explains Philippe Legrand, operator in this field. It belongs to the federation which promotes very high speed in the territories: “It is estimated that 5 to 10% of households that were connected by radio until now will find themselves disconnected and not eligible for the new frequency on the new technology, to allow the release of these frequencies for 5G.”

In other words, the speed will be better but not everyone will have access to it. Patrick and his neighbors will have to find a plan B. 4G is not very satisfactory and anyway it does not work in this sector. The track is therefore the satellite which is slightly more expensive.

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