61% of French people want to be vaccinated against Covid-19: is it enough?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – A new survey reveals an increase in vaccination intentions. Will this be enough to reduce the severe forms and achieve collective immunity? And what about variants?

THE QUESTION. It goes up, slowly and surely. While in mid-December, only 40% of French people said they wanted to be vaccinated, this proportion is now 61% if we judge by the results of an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Le Figaro and France Info published Thursday February 19. 19 points more, or almost half more: this increase is not negligible. It must be said that in the meantime, 195 million doses have been administered worldwide, without any unforeseen side effects appearing for the moment, which reassured many French people who were legitimately worried in December when the results phase 3 trials had not yet been published.

If this increase is impressive, is it nevertheless enough to stem the Covid-19 epidemic? This question is actually twofold, since vaccines have a twofold effect. The first is the reduction of severe forms of the disease: you may be infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus,

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