’83’ is going to become the biggest disaster? Ranveer’s film is craving audience in theaters

India’s first win in the World Cup, Kapil Dev, Indian cricket team, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Kabir Khan… If a film has so many points together and the film is a disaster at the box office, it is really surprising. Before the release of the film 83, not only the makers, but the audience also expected that at least the cricket lovers and Ranveer lovers would definitely come to see the film, but everyone is shocked by the way this film is faltering at the box office. Made in a budget of 250 crores, this film has been able to reach only close to 51 crores.

For the first time in the hands of India, the makers tried hard to cash in on the World Cup and this spectacular victory in the film 83. Before the release of the film, its grand premiere was held, where there was a fair from film stars to cricket stars. Ranveer’s preparations used to knock the fans from time to time that he is going to explode on the silver screen soon. The film finally released on Friday, 24 December in full swing, but it turned out to be the opposite of expectations. Ranveer is one of those stars whose films at least in the name of entertainment sell very fiercely, but here even this fact has not been able to work.

According to the report of Box Office India, the film is heading towards a disaster as big as ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ and ‘Zero’. It is being told that the film seems to be longing for its audience in theatres. It is being said that a large section of the industry felt that it was a great film. It has also been told that many people in the industry compared this film with films like ‘Sholay’ and ‘Mughal-e-Azam’.

It has been told in this report that the film released on Friday. In a city like Jaipur which is known to be one of the top centers for Hindi films, morning shows in a multiplex reached 7 audiences. Out of this, 2 audiences came out and went to see ‘Pushpa’ in Hindi. Now the question arises whether the industry is calling such a film brilliant?

The film 83 is a sports documentary drama, which is quite difficult for the audience to watch in the form of a story, with no role of screenplay. Considering that people know the main character, no effort was put into developing any character. The film has earned much less than the 83 big disaster films so far. The collections for the first four days of the film were like this-

Friday – Rs 11,96,00,000

Saturday – Rs 16,00,00,000

Sunday – Rs 16,50,00,000

Monday – Rs 7,00,00,000

Total Earning – Rs 51,41,00,000


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