’83’ proved to be a twin bomb at the box office in the first week, Pushpa did a big bang in the second week too

The end of the year 2021 has not been very good for Bollywood. This is because amidst all the worries, where the theaters opened, the most awaited film ’83’ released at the end of the year has proved to be a ‘sutli bomb’ at the box office. This sports drama film of Kabir Khan has done business of only Rs 68.21 crore in the first week. It is clear that this Ranveer Singh starrer film has proved to be unsuccessful in impressing the audience. The audience has not been kind to the film in the first week. While the film has earned from multiplexes due to the increased ticket price, the film lagged behind in terms of footfalls. On the contrary, the threat at the box office of Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ (Pushpa Second Week Box Office) remains intact.

‘Pushpa’ earned 20 crores only from Hindi
The second week of ‘Pushpa’ has also been fantastic. The film has done a business of 20 crores in the second week only from the Hindi version. The special thing is that compared to the first week, there has been a decline of only 25 percent in the film’s earnings in the second week. In this way, the film has earned Rs 47 crore from the Hindi version in two weeks. While other languages ​​are also included, in two weeks, the film has done a business of more than Rs 203 crore.

’83’ earnings drop steadily
Sports drama ’83’ not only in the first week but in the first weekend itself suffered a huge loss. Think of it in such a way that ’83’ could not earn as much in the entire week as ‘Sooryavanshi’ had earned in the first weekend. The film has suffered a loss of at least Rs 1 crore due to the closure of cinema halls in Delhi. The film has also suffered due to the rule of 50 percent seating capacity in many other states. On Thursday, the film did a business of Rs 5 crore. Whereas a day earlier on Wednesday, the earning was 5.5 crores. On Tuesday, there was a business of Rs 6.25 crores, while on Monday it was 7 crores. In this way, there has been a steady decrease in the earnings of the film every day.

No harm done to ‘Pushpa’
On the contrary, the closure of Delhi cinema halls has not had a big impact on ‘Pushpa’. The big reason for this is that the film did not get a lot of response in Delhi even earlier. ‘Pushpa’ is doing great business in the Mumbai circuit. The film has earned Rs 20 crore from this circuit in two weeks. Apart from this, good earnings are also coming from Gujarat.

Possibility of growth in earnings of ‘Pushpa’ remains
Talking about the Hindi version, ‘Pushpa’ earned Rs 2.25 crore on Thursday. On Wednesday too, the earnings were only Rs 2.25 crore. The earning on Tuesday was Rs 2.50 crore. While on Monday it earned Rs 2.70 crore. It is expected that if all goes well then the earning phase of ‘Pushpa’ will continue even now.

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