A bath of pop lightness

He came from the classic, so he likes well-balanced instruments, harmonious arrangements, limpid melodies. For his second album, Large diving board, after Ordinary clumsy in 2017, Yves-Marie Bellot lightly offers a bittersweet soundtrack. If the young singer-songwriter puts a little coquetry in his signature (which he writes belloT), he keeps no trace of it in his well-thought-out lyrics, with a miniaturist accuracy.

“What does it matter when you think about it to calculate our chances? We’ll see if it takes us, maybe we won’t see anything. “ In a clear voice, the singer makes the promises of happiness swing on flights of folk guitars and rich instrumentation: on the piano and the rhythm section, he adds a cello, brass, flutes, choirs …

His acoustic and intimate pop brings him closer to a Vincent Delerm, a Vianney. The nostalgia for this “Candide with a big heart” is constantly emerging. “From the driver’s seat, I look at the back seat, in the days when I didn’t have all my teeth, smiling for nothing, running in the gardens…”, he hums, bringing out the carelessness and joys of childhood through his benevolent adult gaze.

Bold without emphasis, sensitive without withdrawal, this French song is good. “I spent three years researching and listening to a lot of music, to find the way I wanted this record to sound”, explains the musician. Will his poetic melodies find their place in our troubled times? You have to have a strong heart to release records at the moment. But Yves-Marie Bellot has the courage of the great diving board, the one from which one throws oneself from above.


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