A bill to impose parental control by default

The deputy Bruno Studer (LREM, Bas-Rhin) will present, ” in the coming days “, a bill “Aiming to make parental control a solution proposed by default”. “Almost a third of children aged 8 and 9 surf the Internet alone, while only 38% of parents say they use a parental control device, he justifies in a column published on the site of The cross. However, over 80% of them are in favor. “

As a result, children are increasingly exposed to pornography, violence and harassment at an earlier age. The elected representative therefore proposes to reverse the question put to families who buy digital equipment. It “Should no longer be: should we download a parental control device or not? but: should I deactivate it, and if so, why? “, still writes the deputy.

Emmanuel Macron had given 6 months

The idea of ​​installing parental controls by default is not new. It has already been proposed by Emmanuel Macron, on November 20, 2019, for the 30 years of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. The President of the Republic was then clear: protecting young people from online pornography is a priority, he said. In order to achieve this, it is necessary “Allow parents to take more control over the use of digital technology by their children. I want parental controls to be set up by default (…). Today, it is a voluntary process. In most cases, this is not enough. ” Emmanuel Macron then gave six months to “Actors” for “To offer robust solutions”. After this period, a law would be passed to force them to do so.

However, since then, little has changed. The health crisis passed by there, and the executive was forced to review its priorities. “But it is also very complicated to move forward on the subject, recognizes Bruno Studer. The manufacturers are not based in France, nor are the site hosts. The access providers remain, but they are not the only ones responsible for the content they deliver. “ Also, the mountain gave birth to a mouse: only one website has seen the light of day, “jeprotegemonenfant.gouv.fr”. Little known, he confines himself to giving advice.

The need for a “strong message to parents”

Will Bruno Studer’s approach have a better chance of succeeding? Child protection associations hope so, even if they warn against the purely technical solution that represents, in their eyes, parental control by default. “I support the process but it must also be accompanied by a strong message to parents ”, advances Thomas Rohmer, president of the Open, an association supporting digital parenting.

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He recalls the setbacks of Dominique de Villepin, then Prime Minister of Jacques Chirac, who had relied heavily on parental control “With disastrous consequences”, believes Thomas Rohmer. At the time, the software was unreliable and created a false sense of security among parents who overwhelmingly let go of the issue. Bruno Studer is aware of this danger. “Parental controls will never replace the role of parents, he writes, but it is a precious tool and must become an essential step. “


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