A Chadian government partially open to civil society

By appointing, Sunday, May 2, a new transitional government of 40 members in which there are almost only civilians, except for two high-ranking officers, the Transitional Military Council (CMT) chaired by Mahamat Idriss Déby, the son President Déby, who died suddenly on April 20, took a step towards civil society, trying to restore some semblance of political order after his illegal seizure of power. There was an emergency.

All last week, harshly repressed demonstrations had demanded his departure and the return of constitutional order, leaving at least six killed and more than 650 arrests. Other protest marches also took place in the south of the country, all banned and suppressed by the security forces. “The violence with which these marches were managed by the police is not new, it was already the case in the time of Déby father”, note Laurent Duarte, from the Turn the page platform. “On the other hand, that they also took place in the main cities of Chad, in particular those in the South, shows the extent of the rejection of the CMT. “

This wave of protest has resurfaced the dividing line between the peoples of the North and the South. “We live in a country occupied since the 1980s by people from the North. And that is the problem for us ”, confided to The cross, already in 2017, a figure of civil society before she went into exile abroad to flee the threats that weighed on her. “However, this government is a surprise insofar as it has opened up to big names in the opposition, like Mahamat Ahmat Alhabo, from the Party for Freedoms and Development (PLD) at the Ministry of Justice. To see this close friend of Ibni Oumar Saleh, the leader of the opposition who disappeared in 2008 in still unclear circumstances, to sit in this government is a sign of openness ”, notes Laurent Duarte. Other taken in the ranks of the opposition, two members of the National Union for Democracy and Renewal (UNDR), the party of Saleh Kebzabo, the main opponent of Marshal Déby. “We recognize the authority of the CMT, otherwise we will not be in government”, Saleh Kebzabo said on Sunday evening.

“But the vast majority of the 40 people who make up this government come from the presidential party. This is why we think that this opening is a fiction to better make us forget the conditions of the seizure of power of the CMT: a coup d’état against the institutions of Chad ”, judge Laurent Duarte. Especially since no observer seriously believes that the CMT will step aside in favor of this transitional government. “His appointment is a gesture of openness from the CMT, but it is not enough, analyzes diplomat Nicolas Normand. The Chadian people expect much more. As in Mali, the transition should be led by a retired civilian or military. Among the gestures that would be the sign of a real openness, we can imagine the commitment of Mahamat Idriss Déby not to stand for the next presidential election, and the establishment of a real inclusive dialogue to lead to a new contract. social. “

For the moment, nothing indicates that Mahamat Idriss Déby takes this path. The victory of its soldiers over the rebellion of the Fact, at the end of last week, is even likely to strengthen its position in the Chadian game. Especially in the eyes of France, for whom its warriors are the spearhead of the war against jihadist groups in the Sahel.


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