A “computer incident” on the CAF site reveals the files of several thousand beneficiaries

This incident, which concerned 7,000 files for a few hours, is not due to a “computer attack”, the director general of the Cnaf clarified on Monday.

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Beneficiaries from the Family Allowance Funds had brief access to the files of other benefit recipients overnight from Sunday to Monday, due to a computer incident that affected the caf.fr site, the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf), which specifies that 7,000 files are concerned.

All the CAFs in France have set up on Saturday “a new identification service allowing in particular to connect with its social security number to the CAF services, instead of the traditional beneficiary number”, specifies the Cnaf in a press release.

“An IT incident on the caf.fr site on Sunday 10 October from 9 p.m. led to certain beneficiary files being able to be viewed by other beneficiaries”, she continues.

The director general of the Cnaf, Vincent Mazauric, told AFP that this “data integrity violation” was not “not due to a computer attack” and that it did not signal a “computer system vulnerability”. Beneficiaries were thus able to come across accounts that did not belong to them and consult the telephone numbers or addresses of other beneficiaries.

“For security reasons, access to the caf.fr site was closed on Monday at around 8 am. In order to prevent any possible malicious act, all the procedures carried out during these few hours on these accounts were canceled”, develops the Cnaf, which adds that the Cnil will be informed, as well as each beneficiary concerned individually. “People who changed their password before Sunday October 10 at 9 p.m. are not affected by this incident”, continues the Cnaf.

She reassures her beneficiaries about the cause of the incident “identified”. In addition, its repair is in progress. “in order to allow the reopening of the service as soon as possible and with all the guarantees of data protection”.

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