A dangerous invasive algae arrives on the Var coast

DECRYPTION – This species, which arrived from the Red Sea, took advantage of the warming waters to move to the French coasts.

She had already been spotted in November in Corsica, near Ajaccio. But the discovery made by the teams of the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology in Marseille marks a first: the red algae Lophocladia lallemandii set foot on the French mainland coasts. The discovery was made during a dive in the national park of Port-Cros, in the Var, to check the state of the large nacres, giant shells decimated by a bacterium. “On the way up, we came across this seaweed that was forming unusual large spots. We took samples and brought them back to our lab. We were able to identify him., says Sandrine Ruitton, lecturer at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology.

Lophocladia lallemandii is one of those so-called “Lessepsian” species: originating in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, it arrived in the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal more than a century ago, following currents and transport…

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