A flaw in the ‘standard model’ of particle physics

The mass of a particle seems to contradict the theory. If this were confirmed, it would be a revolution.

Quarks, electrons, neutrinos, gluons, photons, Z or W bosons: the infinitely small is a zoo of elementary particles with strange behavior. These can associate, permanently or fleetingly, but also disintegrate spontaneously to give lighter particles. Nothing is static, everything is moving, elusive. “Virtual” particles appear and disappear for example spontaneously over very short times. In many ways, this teeming world is unsettling for common sense. Physicists have nevertheless learned to move about with ease, managing to describe in the smallest details all the subtle phenomena that take place there within a gigantic, extremely sophisticated and elegant theoretical edifice: the “standard model”.

Impressive as it is, however, this conceptual cathedral is not perfect. We are certain of this because no one has managed to integrate gravity into it. Scaled General Relativity Theory…

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