A giant comet from the far reaches of the Solar System approaches the Sun

INFOGRAPHIC – An icy core 3 billion kilometers away has been discovered by American astronomers.

The Oort cloud is a bit like the freezer of the Solar System: it is a gigantic reservoir of trillions of frozen objects that orbit at great distances, in an area where the Sun is little more than ‘a star a little brighter than the others in the sky. It thus forms a kind of very extended envelope, located between 20,000 and 80,000 times the Earth-Sun distance (or AU, for astronomical unit). To give you an idea, Pluto is located at 40 AU on average and it is already a very distant world … A thousand times further back, the Oort cloud remains moreover a sight of the mind in a certain way since we still cannot observe to this day the objects which compose it… unless they come to visit us! This is exactly what is currently happening with the object C / 2014 UN271 which has been thrilling the astronomical community since mid-June.

As its name suggests, it was nevertheless in 2014 that it was observed for the

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