A left-wing mayor to rebuild Rome

Rome (Italy)

From our correspondent

In Rome, we do not speak of victory but of triumph. An unexpected triumph, insofar as the candidate of the right-wing coalition, Enrico Michetti, a sulphurous nationalist lawyer, was ahead in the first round of his opponent, Roberto Gualtieri, supported by the center left. But thanks to the votes of the voters of the 5-star Movement (M5S) and the liberal Azione party, whose candidates, the outgoing city councilor, Virginia Raggi and the deputy Carlo Calenda, were eliminated in the first round, Roberto Gualtieri collected 60.2 % of votes. A success which reinvigorates the center-left at the national level, to the detriment of a litigious sovereignist right and of the 5-star movement, whose etiolation has been confirmed.

Roberto Gualtieri is very close to the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, who has succeeded, in seven months, in giving back an identity to his formation, pillar of the government of national unity of Mario Draghi, to stop the discord of the currents and to weave good relations with other progressive forces. A man of experience and great culture, which was totally lacking in Virginia Raggi, elected in 2016, the new mayor of Rome is a specialist in contemporary history, former Minister of the Economy of the Conte II government and former president of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament.

Aged 55, married and father of a child, he knows the working-class districts of Rome well, having been born in the Appio Latino district. It was there that he began his political career, joining the Federation of Young Communists, the PCI and then the Democratic Party, for which he participated in the creation of the founding manifesto.

Defining himself as a secchione, a “logger”, “Rather introverted and very determined”, Roberto Gualtieri has so far devoted his free time to his passions: jazz, books and AS Roma. But the Herculean challenges that lie ahead demand full commitment. He will have to restore the image of the capital, which is preparing for the Jubilee of 2025 and is a candidate for the Universal Exhibition 2030. He has pledged to prioritize the resolution of the problems of public transport and waste management. which litter the streets, to the point of attracting families of wild boar in certain districts.

But its ambitions go well beyond everyday questions. ” With my team, we will carry out work of extraordinary intensity to relaunch Rome, enhance its immense cultural and artistic heritage and create jobs. The city must be closer to the people. We will make her a champion of innovation and ecological transition. Rome will be a great European capital ”, he promised in front of the crowd gathered at the headquarters of the electoral committee of the Democratic Party. “Faced with this challenge, my heart trembles », He confided.

This is a challenge all the more crucial as responsible management of Rome also symbolizes the good governance of the country. », Believes political scientist Roberto D’Alimonte. At the moment, the government is in good hands. Mario Draghi, who has stayed away from local electoral issues, intends to continue his reforms.


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