A Look At The Puff Delta Coffee Espresso Machine

Puff Delta Coffee

Recently, I bought the Puff Delta Automatic Espresso Machine. My first impression was that this machine looked very similar to some of the other espresso machines in the local espresso shops. It came with an instruction manual and a coffee cup. It seemed to be well put together and all the basic things I would need.

The first thing I did was try it out for a few minutes at home. It came with an automatic grind and a half twist feature. I was surprised that the grind and half twist feature worked so well. This eliminates a lot of mess and a lot of wasted time. This is a must have feature for someone who loves to make their own espresso.

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Speaking of wasted time, after grinding my espresso beans the Puff Delta also did a good job of cleaning up. When I went to clean up the grounds, it only took a minute or two and I was done. Compared to other similar machines, the Puff Delta really cleaned up quickly and easily.

A Look At The Puff Delta Coffee Espresso Machine

The main complaint I had with the Puff Delta was the time spent warming it up. It takes a while to get used to waking up with a fully warm Puff Delta. It seems like it’s never exactly the same. I also found that, compared to the other automatic coffee makers, the temperature on the Puff Delta is a little bit too high.

Other than those two minor things, the Puff Delta performed flawlessly. I was very impressed with how easy the machine really is to clean up. I don’t have to worry about excess grounds on top of the coffee cup. It makes a very efficient cup every single time. You will always have fresh water with it every morning. One great feature that I appreciate about the Puff Delta is the fact that it brews both espresso and drip coffees.

So, I definitely recommend the Puff Delta to anyone looking for an easy to use, fast reheating machine. If you’re like me, and enjoy drinking espresso on the go, or in between meals, this is the machine for you. Also, if you love drinking cappuccino, lattes, or tea as well, this is the machine for you as well. You can enjoy all three types of beverages in equal portions. It’s perfect for any occasion.

I do admit to a little bit of jealousy whenever I see a coworker using one of these devices at work. It’s as though my cup of coffee has magically become twice as strong. It’s as though someone has poured a shot of espresso into each cup and I am drinking the finest coffee I have ever tasted. It’s pretty incredible. Whenever I am visiting someone else, I almost always request that they leave one of these machines at their desk.

The bottom line is that the Puff Delta really delivers on its promises. It produces an excellent cup of coffee every single time. If you are in the market for a new coffee maker, I would recommend checking out the Puff Delta.

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