A meditative and engaged voice

Talitres, an independent French label, is renowned for producing, from Bordeaux, folk or pop artists whose demanding repertoire strongly resists fashions. The American Emily Jane White is the jewel of her catalogue, which includes Frànçois & The Atlas Mountain or the Australian group The Apartments. The American singer and composer, who returns this spring to make her inhabited voice and her ample melodies heard, is therefore beginning her international tour in France.

Alluviumhis seventh album, forms a meditative and engaged diptych with Immanent Fire, previous. A score with sumptuous harmonies and haunting melodies questioning the place of humans in a troubled world. Emily Jane White’s baroque pop superimposes guitars, voices and synthesizers, in line with songwriters legendary Anglo-Saxons: the English PJ Harvey for the voice and Kate Bush for the grain of Gothic madness, the Americans Jesca Hoop for the harmonies and Laurie Anderson for her symphonic use of electronics.

Between dreams and nightmares, Emily Jane White finds disturbing resonances with current events. One of the highlights ofAlluvium, the title “Show Me the War”, with its fluid tempo, detached and vibrant vocals, is a tribute to the women murdered in Juarez, Mexico. But also a universal plea for the respect of human rights calling on everyone to ” light a candle “ in solidarity with the victims of violence, on a powerful tempo.

On vocals, electric guitar, piano and synthesizers, Emily Jane White, who signs the music and lyrics of her songs, is a complete artist. She surrounds herself with an impeccable set of musicians, including multi-instrumentalist Anton Patzner, producer of the album, bassist John Courage, drummer Nick Ott and, on mixing, Alex DeGroot. Enough to achieve a clear and precise sound that gives pride of place to breathing as well as to flights.

Californian living in London, Francophile, Emily Jane White hoped to join the fine team – Sandra Nkaké, Lou Doillon, Malik Djoudi… – who paid an inspired tribute to the English group Portishead on June 25, 2021 at the Printemps de Bourges. Health restrictions between the United Kingdom and France had prevented it.

The artist can now sing freely in France, where she is celebrated. Lovers of folk, rock and pop, celebrate with her the “alluvium” constantly depositing itself in each of us, even in times of worry and mourning. These fertile alluviums which, between grace and gravity, carry hope with harmony.


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