A-MO, the Bordeaux street artist who fills the streets with animals

Using bombs, he gives life to birds, tigers and even monkeys. With A-MO, we travel. His works can be discovered at the bend of a street. The artist also paints for restaurants, schools, hospitals and private individuals. That day, he finished an egret on an oyster farmer’s hut in the Arcachon basin at La Teste-de-Buch. More accustomed to urban concrete than to wood, the artist sets himself a challenge: “Painting on new media allows you to try new things”.

Egret being created on an oyster farmer's hut in the Bassin d'Arcachon   (A-MO)

Over the past ten years, the graffiti artist from Bordeaux, now in his forties, has made a name for himself above all in urban areas. His giant or mischievous animals decorate certain walls in Bordeaux, Saint-Loubès or Libourne. “The idea is to surprise the viewer who comes face to face with an animal, explains the artist. Without necessarily having a militant message. The goal is to put nature back into people’s daily lives to make them think.”.

Works by graffiti artist A-MO   (A-MO)

To paint its animals, A-MO has developed its own technique. It layers overlapping tags like layers of oil paint on a classic painting. The artist calls this “the Paintag”. A style much appreciated by some collectors. Philippe Jean, who owns several works by A-MO, is one of the early fans. “When you look at the details and know that everything is done with the bomb, it’s a feat”, he said, admiringly.

Creations on canvas signed A-MO (A-MO)

Recently, A-MO has launched into derivative products to make itself better known. His animals notably decorate a beer from his region sold everywhere in France. Merchandising but not at any price. “I don’t want to work with large retailers. If I make beer, wine or Cognac, I don’t feel like I’m dressing up”, the artist defends himself. For eight years, this autodidact has lived off his passion. “A chance”, according to him. The talent is there, too, certainly for something.

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