A new effective mosquito net against malaria

DECRYPTION – A study conducted in Tanzania confirms the good results of a net impregnated with a product that blocks the flight of insects.

In the face of malaria, not all mosquito nets are created equal. A study published on March 26 in the British journal The Lancet confirms the effectiveness of new devices impregnated with an insecticide that blocks the flight of insects carrying the parasite Plasmodium falciparumresponsible for the infection.

The product, known for years but little used, causes cramps in the wing muscles, which then stop working, preventing the mosquito from coming to feed. “Unlike all other insecticides used in the prevention of malaria, chlorfenapyr does not affect neurons and has no known resistance in mosquitoes”write the authors of the study.

A new tool

Considered for forty years as essential tools, nets impregnated with insecticide are unfortunately less and less effective as the resistance of Anopheles mosquitoes to the most widely used pesticide, pyrethroid, develops. In recent years, cases of malaria…

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