A ‘new era’ in the treatment of operable lung cancer

DECRYPTION – Combining immunotherapy and chemotherapy before surgery reduces the risk of death by 40%.

These results “should change practices”, enthuses in the New England Journal of Medicine Pr Christine M. Lovly, oncologist at Vanderbilt University (United States) in an editorial accompanying the publication of a very promising international study. on the management of lung cancers that are not very advanced or not advanced at all. The final results of the CheckMate 816 study were presented Monday at the congress of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) by Dr Nicolas Girard, oncologist and pulmonologist at the head of the Curie-Montsouris thorax institute.

“It’s a complete change in the course of the disease. Patients treated at Curie in 2017 are still alive five years later!”marveled the Dr Girard at a press conference. A fine result for a particularly deadly disease: if 20 to 25% of so-called “non-small cell” lung cancers (the vast majority of bronchial cancers) are diagnosed at a sufficiently early stage to be eligible…

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