A person dies after eating momos, AIIMS warns – do not try to swallow even by mistake

Health Tips: If you too swallow momos without chewing it on the pretext of tasting it in a hurry, then this news is for you. Yes, AIIMS experts have issued a warning that there can be a possibility of death by swallowing momos. Actually this matter came to light when a person died after eating momos. AIIMS experts are telling the reason behind this, not by chewing momos but by swallowing.

If you are also fond of eating momos, then definitely pay attention to this warning of AIIMS. AIIMS has advised people who eat hot momos with red chutney with great fervor, to chew it heavily and swallow it with caution. Failure to do so can put health at risk. Not only this, these momos can also be heavy on your life. Experts of AIIMS believe that if you do not do this, then it can get stuck in the stomach, which is a danger to life. In fact, after a 50-year-old man’s health deteriorated after eating momos, the experts of AIIMS have brought this to the fore.

Momos got stuck in the windpipe: This case is from South Delhi. Where this 50-year-old man was brought to AIIMS Hospital. where he was found dead. According to the forensic report, this person had drunk alcohol and after that he had eaten momos. During this he fell on the ground. Experts say that momos got stuck in the windpipe of that person, due to which he died. This problem is called neurogenic cardiac arrest.

chew a lotExperts believe that the cause of death is that whenever we eat such a thing which is more in size or there is a possibility of bloating inside, then such things should be chewed a lot. Experts said that if we eat without chewing, then there is a possibility of that thing getting stuck in the windpipe by slipping. It can block the respiratory system and it can lead to death.

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