A powerful offer for Marvel fans, Ms Marvel is bringing a unique story for the world

The new trailer of Ms Marvel, straight from a comic book. Which introduces viewers to Kamala, a Muslim, Pakistani-American high school student from New Jersey who doodles about joining her ideal superhero. Kamala, who was introduced to comics in 2013 before receiving her own series the following year, was Marvel’s first Muslim-American superhero.

Although our young star (starring Iman Vellani) will one day become one of Marvel’s most powerful crime fighters, the series serves as his origin story. The Kamala we meet is confronted by flirtatious classmates who misspell her name and make fun of her Avengers T-shirt. She looks up to a shirtless guy at a party surrounded by equally intimidating friends and she sees herself as a version of Captain Marvel, a cosmic-powered icon in the MCU.

It is possible that neither Kamala nor the audience will get an answer to every question. Marvel fans have probably already started theorizing, but they’ll have to wait until June 8, when the show starts streaming on Disney+, to see how Kamala’s story plays out.


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