A psychologist? Why go and how to choose it

PSYCHOLOGY – Psychic distress is no longer taboo. It is legitimate and common today to seek the help of a shrink, for example to cope with the anxiety of the pandemic. Advice on making up your mind and choosing the right professional.

Everyone is looking for their shrink! But, like Klapisch’s cat, it’s not that easy. First, you have to decide. To be motivated ; to think that the psychological difficulties which one meets are too important to be able to solve them alone; want to change; and agree to talk to someone you don’t know. Over time, the idea that “shrinks are for fools” has faded in French society. But the fear of being influenced by a therapist and losing freedom is still present with many.

Once the decision is made, it is a question of knowing which door to knock on; 15,500 psychiatrists and around 74,000 clinical psychologists work in hospitals, in institutional structures (medico-psychological centers or CMP, day hospitals, specialized clinics, etc.), or in private practice. There are also a few thousand psychoanalysts and psychopractors. Only psychiatrists and, under certain conditions, psychologists and psychoanalysts, can

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