A straw designed to stop hiccups quickly

This simple and ingenious device should allow the diaphragm to stop its spasms.

Hold your breath for 20 seconds, drink upside down, stopper your nose and swallow a large glass of water, have a big fright … Everyone has already tried at least one of these tips to try to put an end to their hiccups . But have you ever tried “HiccAway” (a combination of “hiccups” which means hiccups, and “away” which means “far”)? Probably not, because this very special straw, invented by a neurosurgeon in San Antonio (USA), has only been available for just over a year. This new device has been making a lot of talk in recent days following the publication of an article in a prestigious medical journal, JAMA.

Causes of hiccups, irritated nerves

To understand how this straw works, we must first come back to what hiccups are. It is a sudden and involuntary spasm of several respiratory muscles, the most emblematic of which is the diaphragm. This muscle located under the lungs is fundamental for our breathing. By flattening towards the

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