A taikonaut could land on the moon before 2030

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DECRYPTION – The Middle Empire is developing a heavy rocket, known by the code name “launcher 921”, to send astronauts to lunar soil.

An employee of the Chinese lunar exploration program. Illustrative photo. TINGSHU WANG / X06979

Slowly but methodically, China is making progress on its Chang’e lunar exploration program. With only one objective: to prepare the sending of a taikonaut, a Chinese astronaut, to the moon. “There is science which is grafted onto the Chang’e 5 probe program, as for the previous ones, but we must not believe that it is a scientific mission”, explains Philippe Coué, independent researcher and author of several books on the Chinese space program .

China wants to get part of the moon

For this crucial program, the possibility of failure is considered, and all probes are built in duplicate, with a replacement ready. This article is for subscribers only.

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