A tasty atlas of local dialects

If the holidays make it possible to get together with family, many will also reconnect with their region of origin or destination, immerse themselves in local parliaments. Editor of dictionaries, long bullied by the late Alain Rey, who participated in this work before leaving us, Le Robert lists the words and expressions of our provinces under the banner As we say at home. This light brand which serves to dissociate itself from its neighbors and even more from Parisians, or the pinzuti, as the Corsicans call them, who like macagner (tickle) intruders.

This delicious “Atlas of local languages ​​today” offers an exotic trip to the interior of France. To designate the abundance of rain, the northern ch’ti speaks of the drache, the Breton exclaims I’m going to drop a napée, and the Bourguignon We are going to pick up a good rabasse. It gauges, sighs the Cantalou when he wades through a bath of socks. While, under the dodger, Occitan complains of being sticky, fingers glued with sugar, while eating figs.

How not to melt in front of the tasty to add Vendée to describe a social rite, today neglected by the force of things: saying hello while kissing each other. In this region of groves, we greet each other with a sound Hey, boujou! Funny people. Can’t say Hello like everyone ? Notice to local readers who are already rushing, drunk with fury, to write to the management: it’s a joke!

Already author of the blog “French of our regions”, Mathieu Avanzi, project manager of this “Sentimental journey”, draw “A linguistic tour of France”, based on several years of research and field surveys. Alain Rey, who signs the preface, is right to point out that they are “All revealing a way of feeling the world and ourselves”. Testimonials from “The spirit of a place”, they remind us that French is “A multiple language”.

This is serious ! Each double page of the volume is composed by the etymology, origin, history and daily use of an expression, forming a herbarium of 500 regionalisms, pinned by geographic areas. Identifying the progressive shifts of the language, the authors distinguish the regionalisms “By borrowing, by archaism and by innovation”. All expression has its reason. She never comes out of nowhere.

For example, every region is porous, and you can hear it. The that geht’s mol Alsatian derives from the Germanic version of ” things are going well ? “. When in Champagne, we empierge, only the natives hear “we are trapped” – in such circumstances, Quebecers, who are not forgotten, say “We get bogged down”. There is only Brittany for to throw what elsewhere is thrown in the trash. In the Northwest, do not take the bit if you hear: what are you drinking The locals just want to know what you’re up to. In the North, if you tick, you are likely to hear: “Aren’t you a little corner?” “ And the talk gaga de Saint-Étienne should not arouse mockery. As to Cheap !, expression of supported compassion, Marseillais and Provençaux have the exclusivity.

This dictionary does not avoid the great existential questions: endive or chicory ? bugne or wonder ? wassingue or wreck ? schlaps or schloppe ? (in the East, to show the Charentaises). Avoid bitch (quibble in front of your plate), if you are invited to the Ardennes. Finally, on the serious dispute over chocolatine, the die-hards camp in Bordeaux and its surroundings. No way – we support them! – to give in to the mundane chocolate bread, so bland in the mouth, just pronounce it.

As a Norman hole for this banquet of words, several pages are reserved for the lexicon of regional gastronomies, and we will not find fault. The aligot of burons is not neglected, when approaching the Massif Central where it is not uncommon to release a “I’m all crazy! “ (I ate too much), leaving the table. You have to listen to hinder the sabaudisms Savoyards. In ski resorts, you may wonder if the snow is “Patchoque or peuf? ” Prepare to know how to respond.

Come on, to r’vi pa ! Kenavo ! And, as they say in the land of santons, Good end of year! and in the year vèn!


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