A warrior’s lotus garland was made in Kurukshetra during the period of Bhishma.

Mahabharat: Bhishma kidnaps the three daughters of King Kashi and brings them to his mother Satyavati in Hastinapur, where Ambika and Ambalika agree to marry King Vichitravirya, but Amba tells that she Rajkumar is in love with Shalva and wants to return to her.

Bhishma accepts and sends them to Saubal with respect. But there the Shalva refuses to adopt him, he finds Amba Bhishma’s return alms. Then Amba has no way but to return to Hastinapur. Considering Bhishma guilty of this, Amba goes to him and requests for marriage, but Bhishma refuses because of his commitment. Then Amba’s maternal grandfather Hotravhana tells him to worship Parashurama, because Parashurama is Bhishma’s guru, whom he never refuses.

Lotus garland is found at the door of the palace
One day playing Shikhandi goes to the door of the palace, where he finds the lotus garland, which he had there in his previous birth. had left. Due to the boon, not a single flower of the garland was dry. Shikhandi wears it and as it was said that whoever wears this garland will be the cause of Bhishma’s death. The departure of a woman in the war was against the rules, but Shikhandi was a male in female form, due to which Arjuna could take her to Kurukshetra, but Bhishma immediately understood that it was none other than Amba. They turn them down and Arjuna rains arrows on them with Shikhandi’s hood.



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