Aaya Aur Chhaya Surroor 2021 title track, fans said – Rockstar Himesh Reshammiya returned in cap

Himesh Reshammiya made a lot of headlines in the year 2006 with his album ‘Aap Ka Suroor’. He had also debunked the myth that it was said that those who sang with the nose were disembodied. Himesh Reshammiya’s songs became so popular that a long army of his fans stood up. Now after waiting for about 15 years, Himesh has once again brought ‘Suroor 2021’ (Suroor 2021 Title Track). The title track of this new album has been released on Friday. Himesh is once again seen with his ‘cap’. While this song is making a splash among the fans on social media as soon as it arrives. #HimeshReshammiya is trending. Fans are even saying that this is the free vaccine the government was talking about against Corona.

Himesh’s different style shown in the music video
Two different styles of Himesh Reshammiya are being seen in Suroor 2021 Title Track. In the music video, he is seen as a rockstar donning his iconic hat, while in the other he is seen as a suit-booted businessman. Himesh Reshammiya with his rockstar image is seen singing and dancing around a crowd of women. He is also seen raising the enthusiasm of the crowd in the packed stadium.

The story is yet to come my friend…
On the other hand, Himesh, the businessman in the music video, is enjoying a romantic track with Uditi Singh. From desert to hot air balloon, he is adding a touch of romance. At the end of the video, a girl rests her head on Himesh’s shoulder. It is said that she is the wife of Rockstar. Fireworks are happening in the sky above and below it is written on the screen – To be continued… that means the story is yet to come my friend.

Fans said on Twitter – Topi Wala is back
Fans are quite excited about this song of Himesh. Some users have written on Twitter that seeing Himesh’s rockstar style, he got goosebumps. While another wrote, ‘Everyone looks cool and courteous until Himesh with the cap comes on screen. Great music. Another wrote praising, ‘What a song… what a location… everything is awesome.’

‘This is the free vaccine for Corona’

Himesh Reshammiya is also judging ‘Indian Idol 12’ these days. One user has written, ‘The free vaccine the government was talking about for the people against Corona, this is the song.’ There is no doubt that Himesh Reshammiya’s rage among the fans continues even today. Watch the rest of the song and let me know how you liked it.


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