Abhay Deol’s lady love or not Shilo Shiv Suleman? The pictures have created panic on the internet

Looks like Abhay Deol has fallen in love once again. In his latest post, Abhay Deol seems to be very close to Shilo Shiv Suleman, who is hinting whether she is the actor’s lady love!

However, earlier in the year 2020 also, Abhay Deol was in discussion about the linkup with celebrity manager and artist Sairina Mamik. These pictures of Abhay with Suleman have made headlines in which they were seen giving flirty poses.

Sharing these pictures, Abhay Deol wrote, ‘Fluid, free, flowing, soothing, fun, fearless, sensual, satisfying, inspirational, dynamic, talented, sexy. Oh and @shiloshivsuleman has all these things.’

In all the pictures shared by Abhay, Abhay is seen in kissing mode to Suleman. Silo Shiv Suleman has also commented on this post of Abhay and wrote – Nothing taboo on this table. More adventures coming soon.

Earlier, Abhay Deol was in news for dating celebrity manager Sairina Mamik. It was reported that Abhay and Mamik dated each other for two years. It was told that Cyrina had spent time in self-isolation at Abhay’s house.

Before Mamik, there was talk of Abhay Deol being in a relationship with Preeti Desai. Both lived with each other for about 4 years and then they broke up. There were also reports that after the breakup with Preeti, he was so broken that he disappeared from films for a long time. This is the first time Abhay has posted with Suleiman.


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