Accidents: when the home is the place of all dangers

DECRYPTION – Accidents of everyday life cause 20,000 deaths per year, six times more than on the roads. However, means of prevention exist.

Fall from his stepladder. Hurt yourself with a knife. Burning yourself with boiling water … Accidents of everyday life, so called because they represent all accidents outside work and traffic, kill six times more than on the roads (20,000 deaths per year against a little more than 3,000 road victims). “With 56% of everyday accidents that occur at home, the home is the first place of occurrence of this type of accident, but it is also the one where we spend the most time”, note the Dr Emmanuel Lagarde, Inserm research director and researcher at unit 1219 (University of Bordeaux), who has followed a cohort of 26,000 people since 2015 (Mavie cohort).

With a third of the accidents that take place there, the garden is responsible for falls and shocks. But the biggest provider of death is the fall, precisely: “9000 annual deaths among the elderly, often the most fragile of them”, notes the Dr The guard. Other victims:

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