Achit sent to NCB remand till October 9, arrested on testimony of Aryan Khan

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) once again brought the accused to the court, where Arbaaz Merchant and Mumun Dhamecha, including Aryan Khan, are going on bail on the allegation of a rave party being held on Cardelia Cruises off the Mumbai coast. The remand of Achit Kumar, arrested in this case, has been extended till October 9.

Let us inform that NCB has arrested 17 people so far in this case. NCB says that the arrest of Achit Kumar happened after taking the names of Aryan and Arbaaz Merchant. NCB has also said that another raid will be conducted. Many arrests are also possible in this new raid. In such a situation, it is necessary for new arrests and cross examination from the accused, the custody of the old arrested people.

NCB says that for investigation it is necessary to interrogate Achit Kumar and foreign national by making him sit in front of the old 8 accused.

Achit Kumar’s lawyer Thool said in the court, “These are very enthusiastic officers, once they get the custody of the accused, the arrest becomes routine.” We all know that it takes a long time in the court to get the cases listed. This lie needs to stop right here. The officer will have to tell when Ajit was taken into custody and if he says October 6, then I am ready to give an affidavit that he is lying.

Public Prosecutor Advait Sethna said in the court, “A lot of new information has come out from the statements of Arbaaz and Achit. This new arrest is part of ganja smuggling. After the search, 2.6 grams of ganja was recovered. Aachit’s name had cropped up with Arbaaz. Current disclosures reveal that he is part of a ganja smuggling network.

To this, Achit’s lawyer Thul argued, ‘They have not been able to bring a single person who can show their connection. I am only seeking submission on remand.. fabricated story is good, but they have nothing in the name of proof.’

After this hearing, the court, taking a decision on the demand of NCB, extended the remand of Achit Kumar. He will now remain in the custody of NCB till October 9, where he will be further interrogated.


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