Actor Shia LaBeouf sued for domestic violence by singer FKA Twigs

“I wish I could raise awareness of the tactics used by abusive people to control you”, she testifies in the New York Times. British singer FKA Twigs initiated legal proceedings for domestic violence against her ex-boyfriend, American actor Shia LaBeouf, on Friday, December 11, in a Los Angeles court.

The complaint, which the American daily was able to consult, describes months of suffering, repeated physical, sexual and psychological violence. FKA Twigs says she was brutalized and assaulted during her one-year relationship with Shia LaBeouf, between 2018 and 2019. The singer recounts that he grabbed her and hugged her so hard that he bruised her. According to the complaint, he also suffocated her in her sleep. FKA Twigs Also accuses Shia LaBeouf of knowingly transmitting a sexually transmitted disease to him.

The complaint also details a relationship of psychological control. FKA Twigs accuses Shia LaBeouf of having gradually isolated him from his entourage, persuading her to stay with him in Los Angeles with him, rather than return to London. According to the complaint, he subjected her to constant criticism. he didn’t like her looking or talking to other men. he had also made rules about how often she had to kiss and touch him. He was also capable to transform a simple disagreement over artistic tastes into a marital dispute all night long.

Shia LaBeouf responded to his accusations in an email to New York Times. “I have no excuse for my alcoholism or my aggressiveness, he says. I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. (…) I am ashamed of this story and I am sorry for those I have hurt. I really can’t say anything else. “

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