Actress Amanda Serni calls tractor ‘sexy’, supported farmer movement

The ongoing farmers’ movement in India is constantly in the news and international syllabus are also expressing their views on this. Many celebrities including pop singer Rihanna, porn star Mia Khalifa, actress Amanda Cerny have supported the peasant movement. However, speaking of these syllabus on Indian issues did not go well with the Bollywood syllabus and he criticized them. At the same time, once again Amanda Serni is in discussion with one of her tweets.

Jacqueline Fernandes’s look-alike Amanda Cerny wrote on her Twitter handle, “I think your tractor is sexy.” Earlier Amanda Serni gave her reaction to the farmer movement.

Amanda Cerny shared a picture of three older women on her Instagram account. With this Amanda wrote, ‘The whole world is watching. You do not have to be Indian, Punjabi or South Asian to understand this issue. You should only have a sense of humanity. Always demand common rights like the right to speak, the right to the press, equality for workers and dignity. ‘

Let us tell you that Amanda Serni also tweeted the tweet of foreign celebrities by Indian celebrities as propaganda. He wrote, ‘Who has hired these idiots who have written this propaganda. A completely unrelated celebrities are plotting to break up India and they have got money for this too? Think something. At least they would have kept it realistic.


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