Actress Nusrat Jahan gave birth to a son, there was an influx of congratulatory people

Actress and Lok Sabha MP Nusrat (Nusrat Jahan blessed with baby boy) has become a mother. She has given birth to a son. Nusrat Jahan was admitted to the hospital in Kolkata on 25 August. Both Nusrat and the child are said to be healthy. It is being said that Nusrat was taken to the hospital by actor Yash Dasgupta.

A few months back, Nusrat Jahan announced her pregnancy by sharing pictures of her baby bump on social media. At the same time, a few hours before the delivery, Nusrat Jahan shared a post on Instagram, in which she wrote, ‘Faith over fear’.

Name associated with Yash Dasgupta, broken marriage with Nikhil
Let us inform that Nusrat had been in a lot of discussions in the past about dating Yash Dasgupta. She married businessman Nikhil Jain in the year 2019. But after a few years of marriage, a rift started between them. Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain have been living separately for the past one year. There was also a lot of controversy regarding Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy.

Nusrat and Nikhil Jain

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Nikhil Jain said this on Nusrat’s pregnancy

At the time when her pregnancy became known, the matter of her separation from Nikhil Jain also came to the fore. On the other hand, when Nusrat shared the first picture flaunting her baby bump, Nikhil Jain said that neither he knows about her pregnancy nor that the child is hers. According to a report, Nikhil Jain had said that he is not the father of Nusrat’s child as he has been staying away from her for a long time. Not only pregnancy but Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain also made many shocking revelations about their marriage.

Was the relationship broken because of Yash Dasgupta?
While Nusrat had told her marriage to be a live-in relationship, Nikhil Jain had claimed that after marrying Nusrat Jahan in Turkey, he talked about registering marriage in India several times, but he refused every time. He had also hinted that Nusrat is having an affair with Yash Dasgupta and that Yash is the reason for the rift in their relationship. But none of Nusrat Jahan or Yash Dasgupta said anything openly on this.


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