Aditya Roy Kapoor was caught doing ‘make out’ on the road, had another ‘dirty’ act

Neha reached Dhupia’s chat show and made many fun revelations. His reaction was in the news after stealing Ranveer Singh’s girlfriend. On this chat show he also told that he has been caught doing ‘make out’ (romance) in public.

Aditya has been caught doing both these acts
Aditya was asked in the chat show whether he would like to be caught doing ‘make out’ with a girl in public or urin ‘? He replied that he had been caught doing both.

Toilet on the road will go wrong message
Regarding toiling in public, he said, if I choose to do this in public, then the wrong message will go. So it is okay to get caught doing makeout in public. Later he told that he has been caught doing both.

This answer was given on the allegation of stealing Ranvib’s girlfriend
Aditya had also responded to the case of stealing Ranveer’s girlfriend. He said that Ranveer had told me that he was stealing his girlfriend, this thing is absolutely wrong. Aditya told that after 8 months of the breakup of Ranveer and his girlfriends, he started dating his girlfriends.


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