Adolescents who are physically dissatisfied increase the risk of depression when they become adults- Research

In adolescents unhappy with their physical structure, the risk of depression increases significantly after becoming an adult. The shocking reveal is the first of its kind. Research from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has been published online. It has been reported in the report that the risk of depression in adults unhappy with the physical structure can increase by 50–285 percent. Especially in boys, there are more chances of depression than girls.

Those who are unhappy with the physical structure are at greater risk of depression

Physical dissatisfaction affects 61 percent of adolescents worldwide. Dissatisfaction has also been considered a risk of eating disorder, a health-threatening attitude and poor mental health. Researchers studied long-term tracking research data based on population. There were 4 thousand participants in it, who were born in Somerset, UK between 1991-1992. When these children were 14 years old, 3 thousand 753 was asked to give a score between 0-5, keeping in mind their body, age, texture, weight, figure, chest, waist, thigh, legs, face and hair. The participants included 1675 boys and 2078 girls.

Boys exposed to depression more than girls

He expressed unhappiness over his physical structure. But girls expressed more dissatisfaction than boys. Researchers said that approximately one in every 3 girls (32 per cent) and one in every 7 boys (14 per cent) showed dissatisfaction on their weight. Similarly, 27 per cent boys and 14 per cent girls expressed their unhappiness over their designs. Researchers tested depression levels of participants when they were 18 years old. He revealed that during this period, girls experienced depression more than boys.

10 percent of girls reported at least one symptom of depression as compared to 20 percent boys. Severe signs of depression were seen in about 7 percent of girls and about 3 percent of boys, while one and a half percent of girls and less than one percent of boys suffered from depression. According to the report, at the age of 14, at age 18, the risk of mild depression was found to be 63 percent, moderate depression 67 percent and the risk of severe depression increased to 84 percent. In contrast, the risk of minor depression in boys increased by 50 percent and the risk of severe depression increased to 285 percent.

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