Adoption: MEPs give the first green light to an opening to unmarried couples

First step. The deputies gave Monday, November 23 in committee their green light to the opening of the adoption to the PACS couples or cohabiting couples, during the examination of a bill LREM. This text “aimed at reforming adoption”, worn by Monique Limon (7th district of Isère) will be examined on December 2 in the hemicycle. It intends to facilitate and secure procedures, and also to strengthen the status of ward of the State.

The Laws Committee of the Assembly adopted its article 2 which should make it possible to disconnect the plenary adoption from the marital status of the adopter. Today, marriage is “not a guarantee of stability” for children, justified the deputy iséroise. Her colleague “walker” Coralie Dubost, she praised a “progress text” which removes all “civil discrimination”. Currently, only one of the couple can adopt the child.

LR MPs have expressed their opposition to the proposed change, on behalf of “the best interests of the child”. “Marriage is a stable union” and this is the “most protective setting”, according to Xavier Breton. In a press release, the association La Manif pour tous denounced “a dangerous bill considered in a hurry”.

By amendment, MEPs also lowered the minimum age required for each adoptive parent, from 28 to 26 years. And the minimum duration of community of life has been reduced from two to one year. The bill also set a maximum age difference of 45 years between the youngest of the adopters and the youngest of the children to be adopted, a difference which was raised to 50 years in committee to take account of changes in society.

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