Afghanistan: another terrorist attack at Kabul airport “within 24 to 36 hours” is “very likely”, warns Joe Biden

The US president says his advisers on military and security issues have sent him this estimate.

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Both Afghanistan and the United States are still reeling from the suicide bombing attack on Thursday outside Kabul airport, which killed at least 85 people. But the threat persists, Joe Biden warned on Saturday August 28: “Our commanders informed me that an attack was very likely within 24 to 36 hours”, he wrote in a press release released in the evening (French time).

This message from the President of the United States follows a meeting with his military and security advisers. “The situation at the scene remains extremely dangerous and the threat of a terrorist attack on the airport remains high”, he warns.

He adds that the US military drone strike announced on Friday will not be “the last”. The Americans claim that the operation killed two targets within the Afghan branch of ISIS, which claimed responsibility for Thursday’s attack: one “organizer” and one “operator” of the attack. A third person was hit. This operation is presented as a response to the attack, which notably killed American soldiers.

Since the attack, France and the United Kingdom have put an end to the exfiltration operations of Afghan civilians, which the Americans are continuing, their withdrawal being scheduled for Tuesday. On Saturday, the AFP journalist on the spot noted that the crowd massed in front of the airport entrances since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban had disappeared, and that the evacuated civilians were transported by bus by the Taliban.

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