Afghanistan: former President Ashraf Ghani says he supports negotiations between the Taliban and his predecessor

The former head of state, a refugee in Abu Dhabi since Sunday, said he was “in discussion” to return to his country.

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Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday (August 18) said he supported negotiations between the Taliban who took power in Kabul and former senior Afghan officials, adding that he was “in discussion to return” in his country that he fled this weekend to take refuge in the United Arab Emirates.

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“I support the government’s initiative to negotiate with [l’ex-vice prĂ©sident] Abdullah Abdullah and former President Hamid Karzai. I wish this process success “, he said in a video message posted on Facebook, from the Emirates. “For now, I am in the Emirates to stop the blood flowing and the chaos to stop”, he said in the post, his first appearance since he fled the capital on Sunday. He clarified that he had “no intention” to remain in exile.

The United Arab Emirates announced earlier today that it was welcoming Ashraf Ghani “for humanitarian reasons”. For their part, the Taliban leaders said they had “pardoned all former government officials”, according to the monitoring group of Islamist sites SITE.

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