Afghanistan: “If the Taliban find me, they kill me”

“I returned to Afghanistan on July 19 to bring my parents to safety. I hoped to be able to send them to Pakistan or Uzbekistan, while I found a solution for them to come to France. But we got stuck in Kabul. My school is trying to get us out of here and bring us to Paris. I was told to wait but at the moment I have no news.

→ CONTEXT. In Afghanistan, manhunt and repression have already started

I had to leave Afghanistan in 2017. I had been threatened by the Taliban and Daesh because I worked for the Americans and for the Afghan government, in a military base. Last week, the Taliban killed 200 people who had worked for the US government. It’s horrible. Thursday, August 19, I learned that the Taliban had access to all their data. Since I know this, God knows what’s going on in my head and in my heart. You must not know that I am here because my life is in danger. If the Taliban find me, they kill me.

“Every time I see the Taliban in the streets, I have the impression that they are going to arrest me”

For us, it was unimaginable that the Taliban would take Kabul. That day, I was at the prefecture to have my mother’s passport changed. We heard that the Taliban were at the gates of the city. I do not believe it. But when I got out, everyone was driving at full speed and the stores were closing. It was a shock.

I do not sleep anymore. As soon as I see the Taliban in the street, I have the impression that they will arrest me. My mother is sick of it. I do not leave my phone. I watch the announcements of the French authorities. As soon as I learn that there is a possibility of going to the airport, I rush there to try to have contact with the French army. I’ve been there three times. But it’s impossible to enter. I spoke with American soldiers, I told them that I had subsidiary protection in France. But there was nothing they could do.

There are over 10,000 people outside the gates of the airport. On the first day, I saw bodies and people die in front of my eyes. Many women die there and I even saw a seven month old child who died from lack of oxygen. The Taliban are firing, so are the Americans.

→ EXPLANATION. In Afghanistan, will the inhabitants flee their country?

In my life, I never cry. But the first time, at the airport, I cried a lot. The airport was in a terrible state. Everything was destroyed. People were heartbroken. I can never forget. We tell ourselves that it took twenty years of work for everything to be finished in two hours.

“They are the same Taliban of 20 years ago”

The Taliban do not speak. They aim and kill. Yesterday there were demonstrations against the withdrawal of the Afghan flag in Jalalabad. The Taliban fired and there were three deaths. They say to the media ” We have changed, we are not the same Taliban “. But they haven’t changed. They are the same as those of twenty years ago. They said they forgave everyone. So if they forgave, why did they kill?

In the streets, there are no women. Some went out to demonstrate in front of the presidential palace. But the Taliban will not let the media come to the scene. They don’t want the world to learn the truth. There is no freedom of expression. People are scared and the Taliban are stealing cars. Who is going to say something? If you do, we’ll kill you.

“I saw bodies and people die in front of my eyes”

Earlier, a little boy asked me ” What will happen to me in the future? “. He told me ” You, you are going to leave but me, what am I going to do? I had nothing to say. Then I told him that I didn’t know what was going to happen to me either.

Speaking to you, I am taking risks. But I will not be silent. We must say what is happening in Afghanistan. When I return to France, I will continue to inform and denounce what is happening there. ”


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