Afghanistan: Joe Biden promises to “hunt” the perpetrators of the Kabul attack

The US president felt that there was no proof of a “collusion” between the Taliban and the Islamic State group in the attack.

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Joe Biden raises his voice. A few hours after the double attack near the Kabul airport, which notably killed twelve American soldiers and injured fifteen other soldiers, the President of the United States spoke from the White House on Thursday, August 26. And he promised to track down the perpetrators of the attack claimed by ISIS. “We will chase you and we will make you pay “, he said to the perpetrators of the attack, adding that the United States would respond “with force and precision”. “These terrorists will not win.”

The president also praised the memory of the American victims. These soldiers “were heroes who were engaged in a dangerous and selfless mission to save other lives”, he stressed. Joe Biden further claimed that there was no evidence of a “collusion” between the Taliban and the Islamic State group in the attack.

During his speech, the head of state once again confirmed that he would meet the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, despite criticism calling for him, including within his gone, to stay longer if necessary to complete the evacuation.

It is still possible to evacuate Americans and Afghans who are eligible “the next few days, between today and the 31st” August, said the US president. “Knowing that there could very well be another attack, the military concluded that this is what we should be doing. I think they are right.”, he continued.

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