Thank you for your article of July 7 on Iran and Afghanistan, an article which could appear of secondary interest to us Europeans, but in which we can read that “The Taliban appear to be the only local power that can stand in the way of Daesh” ! Mind-blowing, and particularly disturbing, to realize that after twenty years of American and international intervention, including French intervention, after a few trillions of dollars spent, we have come to consider the return of the Taliban to the head as a lesser evil. from Afghanistan. (…)

Maurice Page

Today, and from what we hear from the reports reaching us from Kabul, it appears that, alas, the Taliban’s assurances to respect a number of freedoms are being undermined. Thus we saw the barber shop windows covered with paint to hide the faces of the women who were represented, which seems to be quite anecdotal in view of the terror described by the people who are holed up in their apartment while waiting for maybe one to come. seek them out for an unenviable fate. Our president assures us that we will repatriate our nationals and all those Afghans who worked for France, whatever the job held, sincerely I want to believe it, it is our honor. As for the fate of Afghan women and girls, what will it be? How many of them will pay with their lives for the return of barbarians to whom the Afghan army has opened up an avenue by even abandoning its armaments without a fight! With all my heart with those of the Afghans who will fight so that finally, a democratic peace and giving the same respect to each of its citizens hatches in this country.


I react to the response of Olivier Roy, specialist in Afghanistan, to the question of the day of August 16: “Who supports the Taliban?” Let it be said that “Everyone would be relieved if the Taliban took power and managed Afghanistan with an iron fist”, and further, “They are going to re-establish Sharia law”, this is to disregard what this law is for women and for public freedoms.

Patrick Lemoine


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