After Kylian Mbappé’s surprise visit to Bondy, the mayor denounces “political instrumentalisation”

The PSG star went to AS Bondy’s Léo-Lagrange stadium on Wednesday November 17, where he started his football career. The mayor says he was not informed and denounces a political maneuver.

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Kylian Mbappé was visiting his city in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Wednesday November 17, reports France Bleu Paris, at the Léo-Lagrange stadium of AS Bondy, club where he started playing football, to meet young people and distribute copies of his newly published comic book. But the return of the Paris Saint-Germain striker to his city has turned into political controversy.

The current municipal team was not made aware of this ultra-secure visit, adds France Bleu, unlike the former mayor who was present. The current mayor, Stephen Hervé, denounces a “political instrumentalisation”.

Apart from a few TV channels, no one was informed of the event. The elected officials learned about it during the day. Some decided to go to the stadium but were turned away, like the deputy in charge of Sport Azzedine Drif who tells France Bleu Paris that “It was a duty to welcome him but two security guards asked me to leave the place.” The chosen one executed for “avoid a scandal in front of the children”.

Mayor Stephen Hervé (LR) was not present but does not hide his anger, especially since the former mayor Sylvine Thomassin (PS) had been invited to the event by the mother of Kylian Mbappé to whom she is close .

This clash between the two elected takes place in a very tense context. Sylvine Thomassin has lodged an appeal with the Council of State to demand the cancellation of the municipal elections of June 2020. The decision must be rendered on Monday, November 22. Contacted by France Bleu, Mayor Stephen Hervé denounces “an act of campaign”. Sylvine Thomassin answers him and denounces “A mock trial. If we want Kylian to enjoy coming back to his town, there must be no riot every time.”

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