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After retirement, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is doing organic farming, is selling cow’s milk and tomatoes

You already know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has retired from cricket and currently spends more time with his family. His photos are often seen on social media. But apart from this, Dhoni is doing another interesting job these days. According to media reports, he is currently focusing on Organic Farming and is selling pure tomato and cow milk.

Are farming in 55 acres
Mahendra Singh Dhoni owns 55 acres of land in Ranchi where he is doing organic farming. Apart from this, there is also his dairy farm where there are many cows and they are transporting their pure milk to the people. This farm is present in Dhurwa, House Ranchi.

Seasonal vegetables are grown with tomatoes

Along with tomatoes, a variety of seasonal vegetables are also grown in this farm house of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. At present, apart from tomato, cabbage, cabbage, broccoli are being intensively produced. But tomatoes are extracting about 80 kg every day here. Due to which Dhoni is earning a lot.

Selling cow’s milk
Cow’s milk is also being extracted here. Which is being sold for 55 rupees a liter. 300 liters of milk is coming out of Dhoni’s dairy farm every day. In Dhoni’s farm there is Sahiwal and Freezian cow of French breed. There are about 70 cows here whose milk is making the health of the people of Ranchi daily. At the same time, Dhoni also keeps coming to this farm house and the vegetables and milk of his farm house also reaches his house. It is clear that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is utilizing the time after retirement.


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